The Challenge

To reposition the brand based on the new version of the software, creating a new logo, brand persona, visual identity, key visual, and campaign. To create and implement a digital marketing strategy capable of achieving the startup’s super ambitious goals.


Branding: Azul Sprint

Immersion with the Azul creative team and Teravoz partners. The sprint was organized as follows:

Day 01

Morning: Understanding the scenario, competition, context mapping, golden circle (brand purpose), definition of buyer personas, and value proposition.

Afternoon: Positioning definition, brand persona, brand archetype, and creation of a mood board of visual references and benchmarks.

Branding: Azul Sprint

Day 02 – Prototyping

New logo

Brand manifesto.

Site structure


Digital marketing:

  • Launch of the new website, new logo, visual identity, and key visual.
  • Campaign focused on performance (qualified leads and sales).
  • Content marketing, inbound marketing, and creation of automation flows for different buyer personas and marketing funnel stages (top, middle, and bottom of the funnel).


– All goals were achieved.

– Twilio, the largest company in the sector, acquired teravoz in dec/19.

today teravoz is twilio brasil.