The Challenge

Achieve the OKRs for number of customers, revenue, and CAC, obtaining a valuation of US$ 50 million in series A funding in April 2022.


Development of a new communication strategy and new KV + taglines.

Creation of a new website and on-site SEO and link building strategy.

Hiring Hubspot (marketing and CRM) to concentrate all efforts on this platform.

Co-marketing and affiliate marketing initiatives.

Highly targeted paid media campaigns + audience sharing with strategic partners.


The goals were achieved and surpassed. Growth was so fast that the sales, customer success, and product teams couldn’t keep up with the volume of customers, so we had to slow down marketing efforts for a while.

The series A funding, scheduled for April 2022, was brought forward to August 2021, with an additional US$ 10 million in valuation compared to the valuation goal (US$ 60 million valuation versus the goal of US$ 50 million).